Fashion Carbon Footprint


  • 1 in 2 people throw their clothes straight in the trash – that’s about 80 pounds of clothing annually​
  • Around $450 billion worth of textiles are thrown away around the world​
  • 73% of apparel is sent to a landfill or incinerated - comparable to one garbage truck of textiles burned or landfilled every second​
  •  Each piece of clothing takes about 25-40 years to decompose in landfills - this releases harmful greenhouse gasses into the air that we breathe​
  •  One new garment takes 77 gallons of water & generates 17 pounds of CO2e​
  •  The fashion sector is responsible for nearly 20% of all industrial water pollution annually​
  •  Over 100 billion garments are produced each year – that’s close to 14 items per human that lives on this planet & nearly 20% go unsold​
  •  A person on average buys 68 garments a year – that’s 5 times more than 30 years ago. As a whole, the world’s citizens acquire a sum of 80 billion apparel items annually​
  •  On average each item of clothing will be worn seven times before getting thrown away  ​
  • The rate of fast fashion will increase the number of garments & textiles that’ll be produced year over year, which will do more damage to our planet overtime

Let's give MOTHER EARTH a longer lifespan

  • Buying one used item will reduce the fashion carbon footprint by 82%​
  • By recirculating quality fashions into the marketplace, we are offsetting emissions one garment at a time​
  • Sharing our closets will reduce the demand for newly-produced fashions and connects our community of buyers & sellers to build quality wardrobes for less and reducing the fashion carbon footprint with every item sold ​


To cultivate a renewable way to shop & sell previously-loved merchandise while building a collective community

Revive strives to protect & save the planet by being a part of a community that is reshaping the way we shop & discard clothing​

Let’s shop with purpose and reduce the number of throwaways that has been consuming & harming our planet